What to wear to a wedding reception

What to wear to a wedding reception

The season for weddings is slowly approaching. Even though it is a bride who should get all the compliments, you should also look beautiful!

Here are a few tips about what to wear to a wedding reception and where to find a perfect dress!

Self Portrait

This is my favourite brand to buy a dress for the wedding reception. They have few classics that never run out of style. Remember, also to check out their new collection. This summer bright colours reign.


Topshop is a cheaper option. So if you don’t want to spend a lot on next dress have a look there! I love their style!

The odder side

This small polish brand offers unique and stylish dresses. If you want to look trendy and classy it is a shop for you! They are available online.


Here you will find everything. For me, it can be a bit overwhelming but if you are patient you can find something special.


New Guess summer collection is really impressive. If you want to feel feminine and colorful you will find a perfect dress or body here.


Thank you for reading! I hope you got a few ideas about what to wear to a wedding reception now

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