Eighties Fashion

 What Did People Wear in the Eighties?

Eighties fashion is confusing to anyone who wasn’t around at the time. Many people look back at the pictures and wonder what people were thinking when they decided to wear all those different trends at the same time. The clashing colors and crazy legwarmers are in complete contrast to everything considered fashionable in 2017. However, 80s fashion was bold in every single way.

The fashionable woman in 1980 wore:

  • Giant earrings and necklaces.
  • Legwarmers.
  • Mini skirts (mainly denim).
  • Leggings.
  • Shoulder pads (made popular by the TV show Dynasty, and often believed to be a representation of the power women were getting at work).
  • Jelly bracelets and jelly shoes.
  • Oversized sweaters.
  • Fingerless gloves.
  • Acid washed jeans.
  • Big shirts.

Many of these items of clothing were brightly coloured, and were usually paired with another item of clothing that was brightly coloured. Neon and patterns like polka dots were all the rage. If you look at a picture of Madonna from the 1980s, you have a pretty good idea of what was in fashion at the time!

Eighties Fashion in 2017?

Nowadays, there are a few remnants of 80s fashion left. Oversized sweaters and miniskirts are still around. However, 80s fashion clearly influenced the fashion of the 2000s, where leggings, miniskirts, and even the occasional pair of fingerless gloves made an appearance. Although, if you’re missing 80s fashion, you shouldn’t worry- fashion goes around in cycles, and the 80s will make a comeback soon. So don’t throw out those leg warmers yet!

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