Eighties Fashion

¬†What Did People Wear in the Eighties? Eighties fashion is confusing to anyone who wasn’t around at the time. Many people look back at the pictures and wonder what people were thinking when they decided to wear all those different trends at the same time. The clashing colors and crazy […]


About London Fashion Week

About London Fashion Week London Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in the fashion calendar. It is one of the most important fashion weeks in the world, on the same level as New York, Paris, and Milan. Held twice a year, the main venue for the designers to […]


Merope J Womens Lace Straps 2 Pieces Cocktail Midi Wedding Dress

buy now Size: US 4 Bust: 32.28″-33.86″ Waist: 25.60″-27.17″ Hip: 33.86″-35.43″ Size: US 6 Bust: 33.86″-35.44″ Waist: 27.17″-28.74 Hip: 35.43″-37.00″ Size: US 8 Bust: 35.44″-37.00″ Waist: 28.74″-30.31″ Hip: 37.00″-38.58″ Size: US 10 Bust: 37.00″-38.58″ Waist: 30.31″-31.89″ Hip:38.58″-41.73″ Size: US 12 Bust: 38.58″-40.16″ Waist: 31.89″-33.46″ Hip:40.16″-41.73″For Most Accurate Measurements, Please Refer […]